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of mitt's men, can't put the facts back together again. >>> team romney struggles with the facts. >> leaders lead by putting specifics on the table. >> unemployment is going down just as a factual matter. why would congressman ryan in defiance of facts suggest otherwise? >> why is it all right to tell voters about the candy, everybody is going to get a 20% tax cut, but not tell them about the spinach, how do you pay for it and you refuse to say how you're going to pay for it. >> i wouldn't want to take the risk. no republican has. >> he was talking about abortion. he wasn't talking about the economy. >> so they put all their cards in a new conspiracy theory. >> this is the first time in 33 years that a united states ambassador has been assassinated. >> there's no doubt he's working hard to exploit this issue. gee didn't say it was a campaign issue. he said it was an issue. >> that's funny. >> not familiar with precisely with exactly what i said but i stand by what i said whatever it was. ♪ carry on my wayward son ♪ they'll be peace when you are done ♪ ♪ lay your weary hea
to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, the romney campaign can't handle the truth. we talked a lot about mitt romney lurking to the senate to attract moderate voters but on one big issue, being there for the middle class, the romney evasions have just gone too far and now he and his campaign have been caught. he's trying to hide the simple fact that if he sticks to his plan, he will have to raise taxes on the middle class and he's been shredding the truth to say that's not true. it's something every voter should want to know the facts about. for weeks, romney's been saying that there are six studies that defend his tax plan, 67 million americans saw him, romney himself, make that claim in the first debate against the president. >> i will lower tacks on middle income families. now, you cite a study. there are six other studies that say it's completely wrong. >> so six studies say it's completely wrong? congressman ryan made that same point in his debate with vice president biden with more than 51 million people watching. >> you guarantee this math will add up? >> six studies have guarante
, tomorrow's town hall debate in new york could be a turning point for romney it's an opportunity to clear what has been his biggest hurdle, the likability problem. understand the problems of regular people. meanwhile, the president badly needs to reverse the momentum which is looking more and more like a coin-flip race. no more agendas. the buts are eroding. and the president is in virginia where he will remain until he arrives in long island tomorrow. a half hour trip sunday to a local campaign oh office he delivered pizzas and made phone calls to volunteers. >> i wanted to call and say thank you. i'm over at the williamburg office and i know you have been working so hard for the campaign. >> senator john kerry who is playing romney in the debate prep has been spotted carrying a massive binder, multicolored tabs. the presidential campaign says that we will find an aggressive president in round two. >> ed gillespie responded so that on fox. >> even if he changes his style, and whatever political tactic the president settles on is being in the best interest, he can't change his record and
asking the questions. >> round two. president obama and governor mitt romney face up in the second debate, a town hall moderated by the moderator who says that the format presents unique challenges. >> they have to connect, not just with the people who are looking into the television and watching them, but to the people on stage with them, 80 or so undecided voters chosen by gallup. it is a much more intimate and a close interaction with voters. >> obama is under pressure after his last turn on the debate stage got bad reviews. >> won that debate is not bad -- two that debate could very mel -- very well mean he loses the war. you could see a different president obama -- he could be aggressive but does not want to be seen as overly aggressive. >> romney has seen a boost in polls and confidence on the campaign trail. >> people are getting behind this campaign. >> at a town hall without a podium and with audience interaction, the candidates style and audience can take on added weight. at the first town hall debate president george h. w. bush repeatedly checked his watch a sign some saw that
doing it to make mitt romney look bad? >> i was making no connection to romney. >> it's like munchausen syndrome by political proxy. >> end of show. >> see you tomorrow. spac>> good evening. i'm bret baier. welcome to special report. we're live tonight. the clock will start striking 6 here in ports mouth, new hampshire in just a moment. we have been touring several of the 12 battleground states as we count down. there it goes. to election day. 22 days from today. we've identified more than 30 key swing counties inside those states. they're all marked in yellow on this map. one of those is this one. rockingham county in new hampshire. the first ballots in the first in the nation new hampshire primary were cast in dicksville notch just after midnight 280 days ago. hard to believe. now in the remaining three weeks of this campaign, new hampshire's four electoral votes could conceivably be the difference between victory and defeat. more on that shortly. first, the headlines. president obama and mitt romney are both off the campaign trail today getting ready for tuesday's second d
university. it puts the momentum in romney's court. republican nominee on the line potentially in position to take the winning shot in ten key battleground states. president obama and his team of coaches are in virginia practicing with the goal of a slam dunk tomorrow night. >> he knew when he walked off that stage and he also knew as he's watched the tape of that debate that he's got to be more energetic. i think the president will walk through for voters in that room undecided exactly what the romney campaign wants to do and why it's bad for this country. >> can mitt romney keep the offense going and block obama's shot debate win? >> even if he changes his style and whatever political tactic the president settles on as being in his best interests, he can't change his record and he can't change his policies. >> the president today will spend another day engaged in debate prep at a resort in virginia. nbc news correspondent christ continue welker is there. who are the major players advising the question? how is his team preparing differently this time around? >> well, first, richard, just
could be a make or break debate for president obama. mitt romney's campaign announces a huge fund raising hall. also, a controversy of sorts over debate questions. are both campaigns afraid of the moderator? our own candy crowley. and how do you top the record-setting jump from the edge of space? a closer look at what's next in the high altitude exploration. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in the "situation room." >> it's hard to believe, but only 22 days left until the election. and just over 24 hours to the second presidential debate. for president obama, the stakes could hardly be higher. the slight lead in the polls, he had going into the first debate has evaporated in these days since his lackluster performance. right now, both he and mitt romney, they are preparing intensively for another faceoff, this time at new york's hofstra university. a faceoff that could help decide the white house race. our national political correspondent jim acosta is joining us from boston right now where romney is preparing. what's the latest on romney's preparation? what do we know, jim? >> wolf, dethe
yesterday echoed former campaign staffer stephanie as he blamed governor romney and congressman ryan for what he called their exploitation of the tragedy. >> i think we ought to follow the lead of the investor's family and allow this investigation to run and get to the bottom of it and make the adjustments necessary. >> wait a minute. speaker david, wait a minute. >> this is the first u.s. investor killed since 1979. susan wright came on this show and five others gave the american people a story that turned out not to be true and you say we shouldn't discuss this, we should wait for the investigation to be completed? that is what you just said. >> calm down, that is not what i am saying. >> you said we should follow the lead. >> i am happy to discuss it with you, and i do think it is worthy of discussion. that is different from the manner governor romney has conducted himself. he was critiiized by people from right to left, republican establishment and democratic establishment. >> are talking about what he said the day after the attacks. >> at the beginning of this issue, he was tryi
for obama and romney. with just 23 days 'til the election, can the president come back from a bad night and regain the upper hand? we'll talk with his campaign senior strategist david axelrod. then, governor romney tries to build on his first debate and continue his surge in the polls. we will ask senior advisor are ed gillespie how romney hopes to keep the momentum going. axelrod and gillespie only on "fox news sunday." also, more questions about that deadly terror attack on americans in libya. we will ask our sunday panel about warnings the obama administration ignored about the security threat in benghazi. and the candidates learn the heat is on in the kitchen and on the trail. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: and hello again from fox news in washington. with two presidential debates in the next 8 days and the polls getting much tighter, we may be reaching the decisive moment in the long race for the white house. we have questions for both sides today starting with david axelrod who joins us from williamsburg virginia where the president is getting ready for tuesday abou
versus ryan is in the books. now, it is the debate rematch, for obama and romney. [♪] >> chris: with just 23 days, until the election, can the and -- come back from a bad night, and regain the upper hand? we'll talk with his campaign senior strategist, david axelrod. then, governor romney tries to build on his first debate, and continue his surge in the polls. we'll ask senior advisor, ed gillespie, how romney hopes to keep the momentum going, axelrod and ed gillespie, only on fox news sunday and also, more questions about the deadly terror attack on americans in libya. we'll ask our sunday panel about warnings the obama administration ignored, about the security threat in benghazi. and, the candidates learn the heat is on in the kitchen and on the trail. all, right now, on fox news sunday. ♪ >> chris: and, hello, again, from fox news in washington. with two presidential debates, in the next 8 days, and the polls getting much tighter, we may be reaching the decisive moment in the long race for the white house. we have questions for both sides, today, starting with david axelrod, senior
to what has been romney's central strategy. he is the economic mr. fix-it, and president obama is in over his head. >> we have a president today who doesn't really understand the fundamentals of what makes an american economy go. if i'm president, job one for me will be creating jobs. and if i'm president, i'll go to work every day to make sure our economy comes back. >> perhaps signaling a shift, romneyland has been broadening its message in recent days. >> yesterday i raised some questions about benghazi, and the tragedy that occurred there. >> first they blame a youtube video and a nonexistent riot. >> it's time for us to stand up to china for their cheating. it's got to stop. >> the administration had their eighth chance to label china a currency manipulator. >> meanwhile, the obama campaign is also finding itself in an unexpected place, defending its foreign policy record. senior strategist david axelrod faced a barrage of questions about the benghazi attack including who knew what and when. >> what is the vice president talking about? >> i think the vice president was talking about
>>> this morning on "meet the press," the fight next time. obama-romney, round two, this coming tuesday, as the race has tightened. >>> our issues this morning, the debates in the closing weeks of this campaign. the economy. the looming fiscal crisis by year's end. and the debt fight. with the big entitlement programs center stage. >>> they were the backdrop of a feisty debate between the v.p. candidates thursday. >> nobody -- >> mr. vice president -- >> no, you -- >> mr. vice president, i know you're under a lot of duress to make up ground, but i think people would be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >>> what did swing voters think of the face-off? can the president channel the aggressiveness of his running mate. >> and what about the escalating battle over the obama administration handling of the 9/11 attack in libya? >> when the vice president of the united states directly contradicts the testimony, sworn testimony, of state department officials, american citizens have a right to know just what's going on. and we're going to find out. >> we cover it all
day. i said as soon as the debate was over that mitt romney was lying. but more importantly, if the republicans and the right wing has to bring you out, who disrespected the joint sessions of congress and the president, it says more about them than those that question the candidate for president. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. "hardball" starts right now. >>> d-day minus one. let's play "hardball." ♪ >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start with this. this campaign today for president floats on a knife edge. the balance between americans who say yes to the achievements of president obama and those backing romney is that fine, that delicate. recent polling shows the difference in popular backing for what obama has done, the saving of the auto industry, the rescue of the u.s. economy itself, the killing of bin laden, health care for working americans, against what romney is offering is roughly zero. as i said, it's that close. so tonight we look at how obama can regain the lead. is it with a populist message, a challenge to romney's politics, o
romney got his [ bleep ] in a pile because i model conservative punditry. if he's not someone i can follow, then i'm lost. and i have to say, up until wednesday night, i just thought i don't know what i'm going to do for the next month. >> because why? >> he was just a walking shambling mound of weakness, you know? even the people who liked him didn't seem to be behind him that strongly. people were, you know, stepping out of his boat. you know, they're all saying hey! that's the guy! i'll be right there! no, i'm just trying the life jacket on right now! do i have to self-inflate, or do i pull the cord? >> and that all changed? >> no, now he's the man. now he's got these long, luscious coattails, and everybody's jumping on board. >> good morning, it's monday, october 15th. a new week. a new chance for this race to take another turn. you're looking at a live shot early in the morning of new york city and a beautiful day. with us in new york, msnbc contributor mike barnicle. we have the national affairs editor for "new york" magazine and msnbc political analyst john heilemann. also th
the final two debates as polls show mitt romney now improving his standing in key battleground states of florida, virginia, and ohio. look at those polls. meanwhile, this weekend, people are still debating who won the vice presidential face-off as "saturday night live" had some fun with the vice president's over the top performance. >> congressman ryan, we begin with your opening statement. >> thank you. first of all, i want to thank center college for hosting us this evening. >> oh, boy. here we go. oh, man. >> four years ago, president obama made a promise -- >> [ laughter ] >> that he would bring down unemployment below 6%. >> oh, this guy. >> joining us now for our own debate of sorts, republican governor bob mcdonnell. he is the republican governor of virginia, and seen frequently on the campaign trail with mitt romney. the former democratic governor of michigan and now host of current tv's "the war room" jennifer granholm. rounding out the roundtable for the hour, the mayor of atlanta, democrat kasim reed. republican strategist alex castellanos. and nbc news special corresponden
people, the choice in this election. >> for governor romney it's an opportunity to try to keep his momentum going, and to decimate the president's small firewall in key battleground states that could decide this election. joining me from washington is mark murray. mark, you have a lot of democrats cheering the fact they see a slight edge in the swing states despite the debate and other issues as well, and it is a slight firewall as we refer to it. >> tamron, it is still nail-biting time, however. there are two new national polls that came out today. first a "washington post"/abc news poll that had president obama up 49% to 46% over mitt romney among likely voters. there was a george washington poll that had closer, 49% for president obama and 48% for mitt romney among likely voters. that's the situation into the second presidential debate, the town hall format in hofstra in new york. >> the daily gallup tracking poll shows likely voter, obama 48% and romney 46%. i think it was friday, mark, you and i were talking about or thursday the numbers and polling. for analysts like yourself
conflict, and mr. senor advises mr. romney and mr. ryan to attack the president for failing to communicate accurately on events in benghazi. you know, the one thing you can say about them is that it doesn't matter whether it's the death of a u.s. ambassador or 90,000 iraqi civilians, they stay on message even when the truth is dying to be told. thanks for watching. chris matthews and "hardball" is next. >>> d day minus one. let's play "hardball." ♪day minus one. let's play "hardball." ♪-day minus one. let's play "hardball." ♪ >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start with this. this campaign today for president floats on a knife edge. the balance between americans who say yes to the achievements of president obama and those backing romney is that fine, that delicate. recent polling shows the difference in popular backing for what obama has done, the saving of the auto industry, the rescue of the u.s. economy itself, the killing of bin laden, health care for working americans, against what romney is offering is roughly zero. as i said, it's that c
between americans who say yes to the achievements of president obama and those backing romney is that fine, that delicate. recent polling shows the difference in popular backing for what obama has done, the saving of the auto industry, the rescue of the u.s. economy itself, the killing of bin laden, health care for working americans, against what romney is offering is roughly zero. as i said, it's that close. so tonight we look at how obama can regain the lead. is it with a populist message, a challenge to romney's politics of by and for the wealthy? is it a step by step dismembering of romney's tax plan for a tough, positive declaration of what he has managed to do by president? whatever strategy the president chooses, wherever he places the sharp focus of his message, his time, his energy, his money, it's time for the man in the white house to buy his ticket and take his chances. he's got three weeks to make it work. joining me is new york magazine's john heilemann who has a big article in this week's edition and former pennsylvania governor ed rendell. first two new national polls. the
>> schieffer: joining us on my right, romney campaign adviser bay buchanan. bay, good to have you. republican pollster, frank lutz. plus cbs political director john dickerson, and over on the left, where they're very comfortable, david corn who write for "mother jones" the author of a new ebook called "47%," uncovering the romney video that rockedly the 2012 election. david, of course, is the one who broke that story. and also with us today, katrina vanden heuvel of "the nation" magazine. i want to talk about this libya thing and see what you all think is the political impact of that in a minute. but frank luntz is here, and you did some very interesting research on the vice presidential debate. bring us up to speed on what that was. >> we have done three sessions and they all concluded the same thing, that joe biden did well on the substance, but they were so angry with his style and want more that you split screen the two of them where they could see biden's interruptions and smiling and the laughing, it's funny i actually wrote down on my note, don't interrupt and don't smile.
? ryan is a true policy wonk, we cannot wait to make him the president of the united states. mitt romney is the key to turning this country around. [applause] mitt romney -- everywhere he has gone, every job he has undertaken, he has been successful. this is a fellow of tremendous intellectual power, a tremendous background, a background of success, and a person who can literally pull this country out of the mess it is in. it is in a mess, and it will not get any better if we lose here. we are not going to lose. i can tell you right now, romney is going to be the next president of united states and paul ryan will be the next vice- president. [applause] i am very honored to be with my two colleagues here. dean heller, he will be a great senator for nevada. i am deeply honored to be with the governor here. she is a terrific human being. a republican winning in a democrat state in mexico. she is going to make the difference in our senate race down there. we support her with everything we have got. i will turn the microphone back to him so he can introduce year. we are grateful to have you a
. >> how is the debate prep going? >> it is going great. >> mitt romney took time out of practice to go to church with his wife ann. he is riding high last week. that's something he worked into a stump speech. >> now about a week ago i had a debate and i did enjoy myself. it was a great opportunity for the president and for me, for both of us to talk about our respective points of view. >> i want to bring in the grie owe's political editor, perry bacon and matt welch. guys, good morning. >> good morning. >> president obama says -- at least we're hearing from his folks he's going to be more assertive. he's going to be more aggressive this time around. here's what robert gibbs said yesterday. >> he also knew as he's watched the tape of that debate that he's got to be more energetic. i think you'll see somebody who's very passionate about the choice that our country faces and putting that choice in front of voters. >> so, matt, what kind of adjustments does the president need to make. >> i think he's going to be doing a lot of fact checking in real time. the administration and the campaign
. barack obama's got tuesday night to re-take command. can he show himself the doer and make romney a would a, should a, could a challenger? joe biden might have stopped the romney train, but he certainly revved up the democrats. and did biden's arguments on medicare and abortion rights also do some damage to the other side? president clinton is out there selling the case of the guy he hopes will be another president clinton's predecessor. he gave that great deal-making speech at the d.n.c. now he's out there on the campaign trail doing what obama didn't do last week -- exposing mitt romney's hard right baggage. with us today, "new york" magazine's john hileman, christian science monitor, liz liz, and henderson henderson from "the washington post," and from "the daily beast," andrew sullivan. thursday night's debate was everything the romney and obama presidential debate had not been. >> you can still preserve the important tant things for middle class taxpayers. >> it's not mathematically possible. >> it's not mathematically possible. it's never been done before. >> it's been done a couple
, president obama and both going through debate preparation change theping to of polls that increase romney's bump post-first is lasting. cooper has more. gordon, the two candidates debate is paul ryan and joe biden on the road today. ryan says he will take his 10- daughter on her first after romney winds. says not so fast. the first lady made reference the 47% who had fallen on times. in this america, we extend a get backand while they their feet again. what we believe. i> michelle obama treated " just got my absentee ballot in year -- in e-mail. wait for election day. love you. m.o." >> you can vote early so on election day you can get people to the polls. this election is so important, youred to to talk to relatives. mitt romneyl shows obama in a dead heat man with 47% of nationwide polls. mitt romney has a t doug-point lead -- two-point lead in some of being more competitive states. is that 48% with at 47%.ney right behind there is some controversy by the son ofmade former governor of wisconsin. "it isernor jason said send president barack obama back to chicago or to kenya." he
. coincidence? we report it looked like romney and ryan have decided the train wreck coming doesn't have to happen not if they get elected. and a mandate with that to get serious tax reform done in a bipartisan budget blueprint. ryan is sketchy only the details but could get washington moving the first sign that the republican ticket has talked about what they will do before coming to power, putting pressure on a lame duck session of congress. to read the political tea leaves and brew a budget deal that would avoid the financial panic we spelled out in washington this weekend. ahead of tomorrow's debate, yours truly may have just saved member as we know it. enough about me on to the ideas talked about because of me, on the makings of the deals to derail a disaster. what do you make of what obviously is a confident republican ticket planning ahead of inauguration? >> there are so many moving parts it is hard to sort them out. i do believe if romney wins this election, he will have a mandate to make all of the bush tax cuts permanent, not just the ones for the middle-class so i think that
the president 74 electoral votes ahead of governor romney. when you looked at how it's likely to turn out in terms of which way states were leaning they used the polls to calculate at that point that the president had 265 votes, just about locked up, compared to just 191 for governor romney. you need 270 to win. fast forward to today, and we see the predicted 74-vote gap has shrunk to a mere 10 votes, and with the momentum now going to the former governor of massachusetts it is hard to imagine how there could be more on the line for these two men tomorrow night at the next presidential debate. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital editor and host of "fox news live." i know you don't say i told you so. but you came on this broadcast in the face of all these polls for weeks and pundits i should add who were saying, it's over, it's over, barack obama has this race sewn, don't bother watching for the next six weeks or eight weeks, oh, where is he going. >> i'm here, coming back. >> very unceremonious of your camera machine as i'm giving you a moment of glory. >> we can't just have nice thin
axelrod, mitt romney's politicizing the death of four american ambassadors but tomorrow, this is yesterday, tomorrow we're going to send drones over and fix this. >> yeah. yeah. makes no sense. >> i also think that the campaign, the romney campaign has been relatively quiet about this, but who has pressed on it finally? jumperrists that cover this, and as every little story gets taken out there, and the civil servants of the state department are furious because they've been made to look foolish. the intel community is mad because they were thrown under the bus, and the reporters will give them more lee way to speak on background as they try to get more information out. i think that will continue. >> you know, the fact is that in 2020 hindsight it's great. requests for things like additional security at embassies come in every day to the state department. i worked there and i can tell you. there's absolutely no reason that gets handed off to the president of the united states. none. it would not make its way into the white house. it should have made its way the day after he was killed, but
$6,400 a year, knowing it and passing it and romney said he will sign it were me and the president? >> did joe biden stock the romney wave? >> you're going to win? >> yes. >> the washington over benghazi. >> you ask him for the son, you'll get the stars. >> i hope the court rules that a student's race and ethnicity should not apply when applying to university. >> paul ryan got the edge in the vice-presidential debate. and an instant cbs will give it to joe biden. new york times said it was a debate with clarity and fervor, and the washington post -- the debate gave viewers a real boost. >> medicare and social zuccotti did so much for my own family. we will let jeopardize this -- medicare and social security did so much for my own family. we will not jeopardize this program. >> the bottom line is that people have to pay more money out of their pocket. >> talking points memo asked the question should obama supporters start freaking out? [laughter] did the vice president head off a freak out. >> i think he probably did. for the days, for the people who are cheering him on, he did with
the number for the s.e.c. i want to know how romney's campaign got my cell phone number. >> stephanie: ooh. >> you probably have not done business with the romney campaign before. so that is -- >> caller: no. >> that is illegal. >> caller: yes, it is. >> stephanie: i sometimes talk to robo calls when i'm lonely. do you? >> no. >> stephanie: that's just me. hi, how are you? oh you're a recorded voice. amy in columbus, you're on "the stephanie miller show." welcome, amy. >> caller: hi. two points. one, romney and all of them want to talk about smaller government but they want to tell me what to do with my body and two with pbs. they talk about getting rid of big bird and all of those people. it is more important that people behind the camera are losing their jobs. and it will be a lot harder to find jobs because they're so specified. it adds to the unemployment rate. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: plus all of the other problems with getting rid of pbs. >> stephanie: exactly. i read this to jacki.
we're watching in the "newsroom," round two, obama and romney. tomorrow night's debate, do or die. >>> plus this -- >> sometimes you have to get up really high to see how small you are. i'm going home now. >> amazing. a free fall from near outer space reaching 833 miles per hour. felix baumgartner blazes past the speed of sound and into the history books. >>> e-refund. e-book readers rejoice. a refund check might be in the mail. >>> and yankee pain. first a-rod. then jeter. now empty seats? it's bad when you can't sell out a playoff game. a playoff game. "newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- >>> good morning. thank you so much for being with us. i'm carol costello. we start with round two. the big presidential debate. you guessed it. you will not see mitt romney or the president on the campaign trail today. because the clock is ticking. romney in massachusetts prepping for the debate. obama in virginia. it is their last full day to get ready for the big night tomorrow night. a night some say could make or break this year's election. well, the president did t
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